Colour My Life is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa. At present, we are running three projects in the Manenberg Community:-

Happy Hands 

Guiding children to self-awareness

The organisation’s main objective is to offer an after-school curriculum to children from communities local to Manenberg. The programme offers opportunities for children to learn new skills and nurture a sense of self-esteem, providing a safe platform to uplift local youth for a better future.


Training women to weave and work

The organisation’s secondary objective is to create opportunities in skills development, focusing on weaving and business skills for adults, to increase job creation for the underprivileged communities local to Manenberg and further to other geographical areas in South Africa.

Golden Girls
Providing community for the wise
Our organisation values the role that community plays within any area, and thus also provides a place for our older generations to assist and participate in our day to day activities.

These projects will greatly impact on the social and economical development and the upliftment of communities from disadvantaged backgrounds. 



The Mission of Colour My Life is to create a safe and creative environment for children, women and seniors from disadvantaged backgrounds, thus returning a sense of community and upliftment to families in Manenberg and surrounding areas. 

Our focus is on skills development - particularly in the area of weaving and self-employment - creating opportunities for underprivileged communities to improve their social and economical development.

Our aim is to be a catalyst to changing circumstances by creating a self-awareness in children in their final year of primary school so that they are guided to positive change through understanding their special place in the world and the hope and possibility that lies in taking responsibility for making their dreams a reality.


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